Contour Cement Products

Contour Cement Products is owned and operated by Ruel Hall, a native of Corozal Town. These pages have just a few of the concrete products available to enchance your home and yard.

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Bannister Supports


When building your new home or remodeling, you have a wide variety of cement products to choose from to enhance your creation. There are several bannister models to choose from. A few are pictured here (left) but you can find more we have available here. And many styles of window decorations are available (right).

The use of concrete pedestals from Contour is limited only by your imagination. You can make two-legged or four-legged tables, or use alone to display flowers or some special treasure. Be sure and click on the small image to see complete picture.

There are many types of figures that can be cast for you to choose from. The sun and moon is a favorite, or you can get a lone sun or moon.

If you like color, your figures can be painted to your liking. The concrete can even be tinted, but you might like a lot of color in yours!

Contour Cement Products
Decoratve Blocks, Columns, Pots, etc.
35 Rita Road, Corozal Town
2 1/2 miles Northern Highway, Belize City, 203-7965
670-5809 (cell)

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